What is Pilates?

Pilates is a safe and sensible exercise system suitable for all ages and abilities.  It teaches body awareness and good posture, and improves the balance between strength and flexibility and overall wellbeing.

At Debbie Lynn Pilates, we use the Body Control method.
This is built around eight principles:








Flowing movements

Pilates is well-being movement therapy

With regular practice, Pilates will help you move through life with improved strength, ease and confidence.

The exercises are designed to work on the deep structure of the body, strengthening and stabilising your core.

The focus is on quality of movement rather than quantity of repetitions — precision really matters. A good Pilates teacher will gently guide you through the exercises, correcting when needed and adapting exercises to suit your abilities.

Body Control Pilates is medically approved

The precision and correction of movement patterns make Pilates helpful for anyone recovering from an injury. It can provide a safe and highly effective programme for those experiencing back pain, looking to improve core stability and strength, and many more conditions besides.

Because Pilates is highly adaptable, programmes can be modified to suit everyone.  At Debbie Lynn Pilates, we run small classes and one-to-one sessions to ensure clients’ individual needs are always looked after.

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