What people say?

"Debbie is a wonderful and inspirational Pilates teacher. As a Chartered Physiotherapist, I have benefited from working with Debbie, both as a client and as a clinician. She has a huge wealth of knowledge of modern Pilates and is able to modify her exercise routines for individuals, specialist groups and for rehabilitation after injury. Her verve and vigour are legendary and she is an excellent example of how Pilates keeps you youthful and lithe, encouraging others to achieve their best. She always ensures that her clients can perform the Pilates essential exercises before progressing to classes or the Pilates Reformer. This gives me confidence in recommending her to my patients as I know that they will be able to move forward without risk of re-injury. Several patients with longstanding lower back pain have been able to make huge improvements in their balance, core stability and general wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend Debbie for her cheerful, friendly and professional approach to teaching Pilates and I wish her every success in her business."
Mary Simpson, HCPC, MCSP
Principal Physiotherapist Willow House Physiotherapist and Personal Training Ltd.
"Debbie is a very knowledgeable Pilates instructor. When I had my back problem, I found her to be compassionate and conscientious. The sessions were core to my recovery from surgery, as well as being reassuring and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Debbie as a Pilates instructor.
Dr Mark Richardson, MB ChB
"Pilates with Debbie has strengthened my core more than I could have imagined. No more chiropractic appointments. As a bonus, bladder control is fantastic! It’s actually been an education. A whole new way of knowing about my body, and Debbie's teaching methods are such a joy."
Debbie Clark
"For two years I have attended a weekly class with Debbie. Her knowledge of each bone and muscle, what its job is and how to safely use it, engenders huge confidence. That she can combine such ultra-professionalism with an infectious sense of fun serves to explain the loyalty she earns from her clients. I'm certain that her Pilates tuition has significantly improved my health, and I recommend her to all and sundry.
John Males
"Attending Pilates classes with Debbie has helped me strengthen and 'get to re-know my body' after a long period of illness. I love the way she cares about the people in her class as individuals, and I think she leads the sessions with just the right combination of excellent knowledge and rigour, wrapped in a friendly and informal manner."
Keyna Paul
"I have been attending Pilates Therapy Studio classes for at least 15 years. At the heart of the Pilates Therapy Studio is someone who cares about all her clients. Debbie's knowledge of Pilates and body anatomy is without fault. She knows exactly what all her clients are capable of, and is able to reign you back in if necessary, and push you when you can be pushed. She gave me the confidence to return to her classes a few years ago, when I was forced to give up for a while after a serious back and pelvic injury. I never thought I would attend classes again and I know I would not be as mobile as I am now if it wasn't for her support, professionalism and encouragement. I always walk out of the class feeling better than when I arrive. I would not attend Pilates classes anywhere other than at the Pilates Therapy Studio."
Anita Hill
"Pilates has strengthened my core muscles, and consequently I have less discomfort in my lower back. My flexibility has improved, which helps my golf swing. My Pilates group are good fun and give advice on any subject!"
Diane Parker
I have been a client of Debbie Lynn for many years due to my spinal issues. She was instrumental in improving my non-existent core strength prior to undergoing a spinal operation. This preoperative strengthening was of immeasurable benefit to my post-operative rehabilitation. Although the studio offers group sessions, I opted for 1to1 sessions. I found her to be very knowable in spinal issues, anatomy, physiology and pathology, and how to tackle the issues pertaining to my condition. Continued therapy over the years has certainly improved my quality of life, mobility and well being. I can certainly full endorse her value in turning the corner to a better quality of life, through detailed and structured pilates therapy. Highly recommended. David W Gale FRCS (Ed) ortho Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
David W Gale FRCS (Ed) ortho
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
I have been learning Pilates with Debbie for many years — in fact, since she first began teaching it. She has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience together with the skill to pass this on to her clients, making it fun as well. We learn not only the principles and moves of Pilates but also how to relate these to our bodies and general well-being. Classes are always small so that Debbie is able to give everyone individual attention and modify exercises as required for specific needs. She is a friendly, thoughtful and responsive teacher and has even managed to keep us cheerful and up-lifted over the past difficult year.
Jan Blackbourn
Debbie’s Zoom Classes have worked perfectly and been as much fun as the studio work-outs. The switch to technology has seemed seamless. Always the professional. Always there to lift our moods! Thank you Debbie for being you ! Love Jan X
Jan Cross
"The beauty of Debbie's Pilates sessions is that the classes are small, with no more than ten people. This means that nothing escapes Debbie's attention, and she ensures that we all get the maximum from the exercises and from the class. Debbie also notices progress in her clients over time, which is encouraging."
Ruth Wilne
Debbie is the Pilates teacher who goes the extra mile- she is both knowledgeable and generous both with her instruction and with our wellbeing. She has been especially encouraging during our enforced Covid online lessons. Thanks Debbie.
Pam Hennell
"Debbie has completely changed my life. Before going to her classes I was suffering with back problems that stopped me doing the things that I loved or even enjoying everyday life. Her enthusiasm for Pilates and commitment to every one of us in the class means that I now enjoy a very active life with hobbies of dinghy sailing, dancing and rock climbing. She cheerfully takes on every challenge that we can present her with, whether backs, shoulders, knees or hips, and is excellent at explaining what to do in so many ways that every one of us understands. She encourages us to go further than we thought possible. An amazing teacher."
Sally Smith

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